Vision and Strategy

Better lives start with a Home

The Northern Territory has the highest rate of homelessness in Australia with 1 in 5 Aboriginal people in the NT are experiencing homelessness.

Our purpose is to improve lives by providing safe and affordable homes. We know that housing is fundamental to good health and positive community and social outcomes. We follow principles that will grow and develop better housing options for Aboriginal people.


Our strategies to meet this purpose are:

  1. Creating new affordable developments and community housing options
  2. Promoting and advocating for the ‘community housing sector’ in Alice Springs
  3. Applying best practice tenancy and asset management

Our Guiding Principles

  • Do no harm to the fabric of communities
  • Provide highly relational services
  • Uphold  the practices of ‘housing first’, social mix and ‘wrap around support’ for success
  • Make decisions based on evidence
  • Let the community inform operations
  • Ensure all programs are fully funded and financially successful

Our Beliefs

  • We can make a difference, with guidance and engagement from the community
  • The governance, management and operations of Community Housing draws upon individuals and community leaders to make sure we get it right
  • There is no one way of providing housing to meet the needs of the Aboriginal community
  • We will work toward offering a range of housing options and services for our diverse community