Community Housing has a long and proud history of working with the residents and communities of the 16 Alice Springs Town Camps.

Tangentyere and Community Housing Central Australia share a common vision for the Town Camps:

In partnership with the residents of the Town Camps we aspire to see the Town Camps develop into economically, environmentally and socially sustainable communities where all residents live with the opportunity to access all the benefits of our society which will enable them to maximise their well-being, support their family and participate in their community.

Community Housing Central Australia is currently contracted by the Department of Housing and Community Development to provide ‘Tenancy Management Services’ for the 270 homes on the Town Camps, which involves rent management, inspections and managing repairs and maintenance requests. Our objective is to help residents sustain a successful tenancy by providing culturally appropriate services and also engaging with the broader community through the Housing Reference Groups.

Partnerships are key to delivering effective services on the Town Camps and CAAH works closely with a wide range of stakeholders to support residents realise their aspirations. These include: