Apmere Urlte

Funded by the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development, the Apmere Urtle Transitional Housing Program offers supported accommodation to young families, single mothers and older single women at 34 South Terrace, Alice Springs.


Officially launched on November 4 2020, Apmere Urtle aims to reduce homelessness and build the capacity and skills of residents by providing medium to long term transitional housing in a supportive community environment. There is a total of 20 independent living units onsite including 11 x 2-bedroom units and 9 x 1-bedroom units. The program will be will be developed using a community development approach, to not only focus on housing, but also on community engagement and client support through case management. The program will support participants to develop the capacity and skills to live independently, and have access to safe, secure and affordable housing at the end of the program.

 The program will be community-driven, and the establishment of a Community Reference Group will soon be underway; residents who will support the development of the program on-site through setting community expectations and nominating activities and programs that would benefit the residents. Supporting the effective development of the program will be the Program Reference Group, made up of representatives from the Tangentyere Women and Family Safety Group and NT Housing. This group will provide ongoing feedback on the development of the program; review applicants to the program; and make decisions on housing allocations.

 Eligibility to the program

In addition to the target groups of: young single mothers; parents with young families; and single older women, to enter the program participants would meet the following criteria:

  • Homeless or at risk of being homeless; residing in crisis accommodation or living in overcrowded houses
  • Be on the NT Housing waitlist
  • Have existing supports in place that will continue once being house in the program
  • Willingness to engage with services and participate in case management, where applicable
  • Engage in programs (on and off-site where relevant) which enhance social inclusion and community participation

 Application is by referral from a support agency, including the NTG Dept of Territory Families Housing & Communities.