This year CHCA established the ‘Maintaining Homes for Better Health’ (MHBH) project, based on the work of Healthabitat and the ‘9 Healthy Living Practices’

On October 19 2020, CHCA conducted the first ‘Survey – Fix’ event by inspecting, testing and fixing over 240 items across 60 of their community housing homes.

The work was completed by three ‘Survey – Fix’ teams which included Housing for Health Team Leaders, CHCA staff, local NT Environmental Health Officers and eight tenants. Teams completed basic repair works like changing shower heads and light globes, while urgent works were attended to by local plumbers and electricians.

Overall, CHCA properties scored well against the ‘9 Healthy Living Practices’ reflecting the organisation’s strong responsive and cyclical maintenance program. The property data collected during the surveys is now being used to inform future planned maintenance work.

CHCA aims to continue this MHBH project on an annual basis and the second ‘Survey – Fix’ will take place in early 2021.